General Introduction and Product Range

In Polyamides, we have Masterbatches for versatile product range to cater to most of the processes, applications and usage. We supply Masterbatches for wide spectrum of applications e.g. apparels, carpets, home furnishings, upholstery, hosiery, automobiles and nonwovens etc.

The tabulation given hereunder depicts in brief our range of Nylon Masterbatches in a more explicit manner:

S.N Range Process Application Remarks
1 Black Masterbatch a) BCF
b) LOY, POY, Draw Twist Crimp, Air Text and FDY Flat
Clothing-knitted fabrics
Luggage Fabris
Suitable for coarse, fine & micro denier applications with excellent spinnability.
2 Single pigment concentrates and custom made MBs POY, LOY, Draw Twist, Crimp, Textured, Air Textured and FDY Hosiery, Socks, Stockings, Luggage fabrics. Home Furnish-ings, Apparels, & Swimwear, and technical and high tenacity applications.  
3 Functional Masterbatches POY, LOY, Draw twisted & Textured For Carpets, Automobiles, Apparels and other Industrial uses. Flame retardant and Antimicrobial solutions to all end use requirements.