PES Black MBs

Black Masterbatches

The acceptability of Polyester Black yarns through dope dyeing route is at its peak with almost all Polyester spinners dedicating a part of their capacities for this product.

With gradual improvements in inputs, production of Polyester Black yarn is as optimized and stable as semi dull yarns, which has made it even more viable and competitive.

Poddar Pigments Limited has a complete range of Polyester Black Masterbatches, specifically produced to cater exact customer needs and requirements. Over a period of time, it has been concluded that different machine, hardware and different denier mix require different quality of Masterbatch for perfect process optimization.

Keeping in view the above, Poddar Pigments Limited offer Masterbatches suitable to customer’s hardware, product mix and jetness requirement. For this, we have in our range Black Masterbatches with base PET, PBT and also Homopolymer. This enables the customer to choose the right type of product and get the desired results from the day one.

Our highly satisfied customers list – both domestic and overseas, gives us the required confidence to cater to any customer requirements successfully.

The tabulation given in the attached sheets depicts our range of Polyester Black Masterbatches in a more explicit manner:

S.N Product Features & Recommendation
Carrier Resin – PET
1. Polyester 701S
  • Normal Jetness
  • Low production line (6-8 MT/ day) with less residence time
  • Excellent CPF/ Pack life
  • System with side stream extruders
  • Lines with conventional winders
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent Spinnability
  • Better compatibility with base polymer
  • Less Shear in extruder and pack zone
Carrier Resin – Homopolymer
1. Polyester Black 701
  • Normal Jetness
  • Medium sized, production lines (8-14 MT/ day)
  • High CPF Area
  • Excellent CPF/ Pack life
  • Recommended for >70 denier
  • Excellent Spinnability
Carrier Resin – PBT
1. Polyester Black 703M
  • Normal Jetness
  • High production line (15-30 MT/ day)
  • Preferably line should equipped with overfeed
    mechanism and intermingling devices
  • All range of denier
  • High CPF Area
  • Excellent CPF/ Pack life
  • Excellent Spinnability
Above MBs are our most running Polyester Black MBs meeting all customers needs both technical and commercial. In addition to the above 3 black MBs, we have other Black Masterbatches as well, which have been introduced based on customers requirement of higher jetness, Bluish tone and other requirements.