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I. Polypropylene Flame Retardent Master Batches
II. Polypropylene Antimicrobial Masterbatches

I. Polypropylene Flame Retardent Master Batches

One of the most colossal hazard facing human kind since the advent of fire is “FIRE” it self. Though the FIRE was one of the important mile stone in development of Civilization, it is a common fact that fire is one of the most dangerous agents of catastrophic loss, untold misery and lethal tool in the hands of scrupulous people since prehistoric times.

In the modern times the Synthetics and Plastics form the major part of the house hold goods and furnishings. The danger of fire related loss has increased multifold since it is a known fact that in presence of air, organic materials are potential source of fire hazard.

PPL has developed an effective halogen free flame retardant MB suitable for wide spectrum of polypropylene filament and fiber applications.

Our products can be processed on LOY, POY and FDY spinning routes over a broad denier range.

Product Details

  • Name : PP FR MB-07-1000
  • Base Resin : Polypropylene
  • Recommended LDR : 5.0-8.0 %

Salient Features

  • Ultra fine homogenous dispersion of the additive ensuring standard spinning performance and spinneret life.
  • Compatibility of master batch with base resin in spinning.
  • Minimum discoloration.
  • Minimum interference with masterbatch dyes and pigments.
  • Ease of handling and quick switch over of product type.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly additive.
  • Flexibility of operation.
  • Minimum switch over waste and time.

Potential Applications

PPFR masterbatch can be utilized for diversified end uses in Textiles, Technical and Non woven yarn applications. Broad indicative applications are;

  • Carpets for houses and industrial services.
  • Automotive fabrics.
  • Woven/ knitted fabrics for broad range of services e.g. Upholsteries, baggages, furnishing fabrics, wall and floor coverings and draperies etc.
  • Non wovens for various industrial and geological services.

Technical Data

There exist plethora of standards to check and evaluate FR characteristics in the market. Consumers have developed their own specific test with respect to end use services.

Our Masterbatch has been satisfactorily evaluated against following standards:

  • DIN-4102-B2
  • FMVSS-302
  • 16 CFR-1631(FF-2-70)

The dosing rate data are only for reference and customer has to fine tune with respect to end use service, applicable FR standard and processing equipments.

II. Polypropylene Antimicrobial Master Batches

Increasing public concern about hygiene has been driving consumer demand for Antimicrobials in Polypropylene Carpets, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, upholsteries and non-wovens.

A variety of bacteria are known for their pathogenic and foul odour effects and have pushed demand for Antimicrobial Products.

Our PP antimicrobial MBs are highly effective against wide range of Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacterias and other Pathogens.

The low migration rates, high activity and thermal stability upto 300 deg. Celsius provides effective inhibition against bacteria for whole life cycle of products.

Our product is safe for humans and environment due to its very low migration solubility in water.

Product Details

Our product has active silver based effective PP Antimicrobial Masterbatch which has been evaluated and approved by Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation, Osaka as per JIS L-1902 Standard.

Name : PP AMB-07-6000
Base Resin : Polypropylene
LDR Recommended : 1.5-2.5 %

Salient Features

  • Ultra fine dispersion ensuring good spinning performance.
  • High Thermal Stability
  • Multiple functional characteristics against all types of bacteria and pathogens.

Potential Market Applications

  • Carpets (Floor coverings)
  • Knitted Fabrics (Socks, Sports wear and undergarments etc.)
  • Woven Fabrics (Medicinal and Sanitary clothing)
  • Household Textiles (Upholsteries, Textile Wall coverings)
  • Non-wovens - Hospital and other sanitary supplies.

Technical Data

Efficacy Testing

The value of Anti-microbial activity was checked as per JIS-L 1902 Quantitative test against Staphylococcus and Escherichia Coli.

  Type of Bacteria Bacteriostatic value (S)
  S. aureus ATCC 6538P - 4.2
  E. coli NBRC 3301 - 4.0

Bacteriostatic value (S) = (log B – log C)
B = Number of living bacteria on test pieces after 18 hr incubation on standard cloth
C = Number of living bacteria on test pieces after 18 hr incubation on antibacterial treated sample